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Driving mode media tray missing

I have a Pixel 8 Pro with Android 14; for years I have used my Android phones for car navigation. Like many, I like to use my phone to listen to Pandora, Spotify, podcast players etc. While in Driving ...
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How to launch Google Maps Driving Mode after Assistant Driving Mode Shutdown in November 2022?

I have an older car with no Android Auto built in. I used the Android Auto feature on my phone screen all the time before it was disabled in Android 12. This forced me to switch to the Assistant ...
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Samsung galaxy a7 2018 hangs after update android 10

Recently I updated my device from android 9(one UI 1)to android 10(one UI 2) After updating to android 10 it freezes again and again,not the whole phone freeze, only display hangs but background ...
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How to get alerts about Speed Monitoring Cameras in GPS Maps Application?

I am using Here Maps (Here WeGO), but I do not get any warnings about speed monitoring cameras. I would also like to pay for such a service. The application well informs already if you drive too ...
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How to set the google maps app foremost while driving

I have been using google maps for a while now as my driving guidance/maps app. It does have one slight inconvenient, while you are driving you'll get all notifications to still crop up space on your ...
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Moto Voice implementation without root?

The new Moto G4 and Moto G4 plus made by Lenovo, unlike the other Android Motorola phones, is incapable of texting for you and answering your calls while driving, unlike the predecessors Motorola ...
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Is there a hands free way to manipulate pandora while driving?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a handsfree way to manipulate pandora while driving. (On Linux, there is an app available known as PianoBar, which is open source and can interact with Pandora ...
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Hands-free/Driving Mode: How to change the reading voice's language (and voice: male/female etc...)?

Is there a way to change the language and voice for reading out the information on hands-free mode. Even better, it would be nice if the language and voice for the alarm could be set on a per-alarm ...
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Remove 'Driving mode' from status bar dropdown?

I have a Samsung phone with android 4.1.2. When I slide down the notification bar there are multipls items. One of those are driving mode. I don't drive anywhere (I can't afford a car, gas, insurance,...
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How do I have my Galaxy S3 automatically switch into Driving Mode when I am moving in a car?

It seems like I read something about how to do this once, but now I can't find it. I thought it was a feature of On{x}, but it doesn't look like the Galaxy S3 Driving Mode is exposed through their API....
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Cannot find driving mode on Samsung Galaxy S3

After upgrading to the new Android 4.1.2, I can't seem to find the 'driving mode' tab. Please help.
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