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Dual SIM device : How to configure data usage on per app basis (Rooted device)

My Moto X Play (6.0.1, rooted, Xposed installed ) has dual SIM options, which I usually don't use. Recently, I had a need to use two SIMs, borrowed one with generous data allowance and second (...
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How to use two whatsapp accounts on one phone

I have a Samsung galaxy Duos and want to use my two whatsapp accounts at the same device. Is it for example possible to run dual two whatsapp client apps on one phone?
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Moto E being charged for mobile data even if it's turned off on Vodafone Karnataka SIM [closed]

I have very recently purchased Moto E and using Vodafone Karnataka SIM. I have disabled mobile data and work only with WiFi. Even after this, I see I am being charged with 0 MB data usage. (Click ...
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How does GS3 dual SIM adapter work?

I have seen that some online shops sell a Samsung Galaxy S3 dual SIM adapter. I haven't found much information about how does it work, but I have doubts about it. Some links:
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Can a dual SIM Android phone receive voice calls to both SIMs?

Is it possible for a dual SIM phone to receive calls (not simultaneously of course) to both SIMs without any manual switching? From what I have seen, Android 4.0 seems to support voice call for SIM #...
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Can I change which SIM a phone is using for its LTE interface using ADB?

I have a set of phones that have dual SIM cards. What I would like to do is have them connected to one network using SIM card 1, run some test, disconnect from the network, then have them connect to a ...
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Method to block calls on dual SIM and block notifications from some apps (scheduled)

I recently got a Motorola G5S Smartphone with Android 7.1.1 with Dual SIM. One SIM is work-related, the other private. Also, every App on my phone is either work-related or private. I'm searching for ...
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What is the difference between dual sim active and dual sim stand-by?

I am Using Sony Xperia Tipo Dual, which is Dual Sim Smartphone, but When i use internet from SIM 1 using Network Mode = GSM only or WCDMA/ GSM the another SIM's says NO NETWORK. When i deactivate my ...
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A3000 chinese mobile - Dual-SIM or Dual-GSM support since Android 2.2 (again?)

My question topic is Android support for dual SIM hardware. More specifically I'd like to find out if it's the Android 2.2 release that added support for real dual SIM and dual GSM support, and to ...
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How do I put only one SIM card in dual-SIM smartphone to "Airplane mode"?

In Airplane Mode, the device lasts noticably longer. The "Cell standby" shows 76% in battery settings. There are two SIM cards inserted into the device, but now I only use the second. I ...
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Is there a way on a DUAL SIM Android phone to configure on a per-app basis, which app uses which sim card to access internet?

Let's say, I have two SIM cards, the first one has an unlimited but slow 3G internet connection, the other SIM has a very fast LTE Internet connection with limited data volume. So I would use the ...
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How to tell if a dual sim phone is dsds or dsfa?

I recently learnt that there are different types of dual sim; i.e. that having slots for 2 sims doesn't mean they're both fully active at the same time. Looking through the documentation included ...
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In a dual sim phone, must both sims be used?

I'm looking at getting the Xperia X Performance. It has two slots for SIM cards. Will the phone work alright with only one normal SIM and will all the apps still work ok? A long time ago I red most ...
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