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Is it possible to "fake" / isolate App or Permissions for an App without root (gravely invasive permissions Galaxy Wearable App)

I can't believe the wearable app (for galaxy buds) is actual allowed on the playstore. The permissions the app asks for are nothing I've ever seen before. It asks for EVERYTHING , literally. And if ...
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Disabling Noise reduction/echo cancellation/any other effects on the microphone input in smartphone

I have made a program that reads a fixed number of bytes from the microphone and sends it out to the speaker, effectively a program to route audio from the mic to speaker without any changes Normally ...
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Wrong earphones/headphones buttons press/tap behavior

I've had this issue for a long time now. As far as I know there are three button commands while using any music players. One press for pause, double press to go to the next song, and triple press to ...
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How can I prevent the earphones from muting the speaker?

The FM radio in my phone uses the earphone cable as the antenna. It plays the music just fine if I plug the jack in about 2/3 the way (and only hisses without it). But if I push the jack all the way ...
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Headphones don't work & music automaticaly starts

I have a Samsung trend plus. When I plug the earphones, the phone recognizes the connection and shows the earphone icon and gives the earphones connected massage. Then automaticaly starts music, which ...
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Use built-in mic instead of earphone mic on call

I have very cheap earphones that have a terrible microphone. My phone's built-in microphone is better. How can I make it so that WhatsApp calls (or regular calls) use my phone's mic, instead of my ...
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Earphones stuck in call answer mode

So I've got this problem with my earphones where they're stuck in call answer mode. They have a button which when pressed should switch the music to the background when in call answer mode and back to ...
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Problem with earphone jack

I am really afraid of this, but please help me. I was trying to insert the 3.5 mm jack into the slot, and it just stopped midway. All of a sudden. It didn't happen yesterday. I was afraid if something ...
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