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Is it possible to change which output the audio is played through?

Is it possible to reroute audio (i.e. music) through the phone earpiece instead of the speaker? I've searched this site and Google extensively and haven't found anything yet. If it matters, I'm on ...
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Samsung Galaxy Buds immense RAM requirement

I was about to buy some Samsung Galaxy Buds but then saw in the system requirements that they required 1.5GB of ram to operate! "Compatibility" section under "specifications" https://checkout.telstra....
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Is there a Bluetooth earphone that can control the Music being played?

I'm looking for a bluetooth earphone set, or a device compatible with it, so that I can control the music (play/pause & next/previous) without actually touching the phone. Is there any hardware ...
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How can I play a video in the earpiece with VLC?

By default, videos play in speaker with VLC. How can I play a video in the earpiece with VLC? I don't see any option:
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Is it possible to use a Bluetooth earpiece while using a microphone plugged into the headphone Jack?

I'm going to be attending an event as a representative of a semi-professional podcast. I will be interviewing several people but, it is a long, busy event with no area for formal interviews, so I ...
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