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Questions tagged [esim]

An eSIM or embedded-SIM is a programmable SIM card that is embedded into the phone. eSIMs can be provisioned remotely: mobile network operator profiles can be added and removed, initiated by the user.

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Pixel 8 Pro carrier locked. Looking for a solution [closed]

I have a Pixel 8 Pro that the carrier (Spectrum) and Google both say is unlocked. The phone is definitely not unlocked. OEM unlocking is greyed out and says, "unavailable on carrier-locked ...
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On what relies the limit for maximum eSims on my device?

I have a Pixel6 and it supports 1 eSim. Since eSims are just software, what are the limiting factors to not have basically unlimited eSims on a smartphone? Where is it coming from?: The lawmaker? The ...
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What's the maximum number of eSIM cards that can be saved on a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra?

What's the maximum number of eSIM cards that can be saved on a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra? I found but ...
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Why does eUICC Manager get NO_SUCH_ELEMENT aka errcode 3?

I was trying to port eUICC into my phone (I used Google LPA called SIM Manager and other stuff from the same system but other model). I am using Motorola Edge 30 Ultra and used that kit from Moto X40 ...
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Actually prevent mobile data use when mobile data is off (Android 13+)

Multiple old questions (here, here, here, and here) document that even when mobile data is switched off, mobile data still gets used as part of 4G voice service. I'm looking for up to date information ...
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SIM not detected anymore disabling a SIM

I have Oneplus 8T with Android 13. My SIM was on Slot 2 yesterday. Then I accidentally clicked on "Disable SIM". Now it says "No eSIM" "Disable eSIM to u.." (it only ...
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Can I install an uncertified eSIM profile provisioned by myself on Android?

I would like to set up an SM-DP+ server to provision my own eSIM profiles. These usually get certified by GSMA and are used for large-scale Remote SIM Provisioning, but I would want to use this for ...
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1 vote
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Unable to delete eSIM profile on Google Pixel 3a

I have recently changed phone carriers. I cannot download an eSIM for my new carrier while it is supposed to be compatible with the Pixel 3a. They claim this is because I still have the eSIM profile ...
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1 answer

I'm trying to factory reset a phone. How do I erase "downloaded SIMs"?

I have Google Pixel. When trying to factory reset it, it says "downloaded SIMs may remain on the device". What does that mean? How do I erase these data?
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1 answer

Is it possible to "mirror" my smartphone SIM into my smartwatch eSIM?

I am wondering whether, with eSIM technology, I would be able to mirror my smartphone physical SIM to my smartwatch eSIM (as if I had cloned my phone, like in the movies). Telling you my final goal ...
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Can't find eSIM option on Google Pixel 3

According to specs, Google Pixel 3 supports eSIM, but under Settings > Mobile networks, there are no relevant options. Is this depending on whether I'm currently in the service area of a mobile ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How to check if an Android device supports eSIM?

I'm using Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2. I found there's Mobile Plan in Network & Internet settings. But I'm not sure it is for eSIM. When I tap on it, it says: "Network has no known provisioning ...
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