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Exif (Exchangeable image file format) is a specification followed by manufacturers of digital cameras that is used to record information about the technical conditions for image capture within the image file itself in the form of tagged metadata.

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1 answer

"batch" removal of EXIF MPF data on Android phone before uploading to Google Photos

My Canon camera sets MPF in its EXIF data on and if there is a way to stop it, I can not find it. This results in Google Photos saving the pictures in Original quality even though Storage Saver option ...
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Changed EXIF dates and file attributes are not recognized on Android

I had several jpeg images stored on a MicroSDXC card that had incorrect dates, year 2000, which were taken in 2010. I inserted this SD card into slot and used EXIFtool to correct dates, which were ...
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Is time in Exif or other metadata in a Nexus 5x video?

I have some MP4 videos taken with a Nexus 5x. I no longer have that device. Which of the Exif or XMP or the metadata (if any) contains time in UTC that the video started or ended? I'm trying to get ...
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Why aren't my images geotagged?

I have a Blackview A60Pro running Android 9. Location is enabled (Settings -> Security & location -> Location is "On") The Camera app has all the permissions it requests, including ...
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Where are Samsung's "Gallery" app's automatic "tags" stored and how can they be used downstream (i.e. in non-Android photo mgmt / dam software)?

Samsung's "Gallery" does a fantastic job at automatically / on its own assigning "tags" to photos, making it easy to find photos with certain keywords (e.g. "sunset" or &...
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Android phone camera sets "dav" comment in metadata

Nearly every picture taken by my Android phone has a comment added "dav" in the metadata. I'd like to understand why and if possible stop the comments from being added. They appear to be in EXIF and ...
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Change default EXIF data

Is there a way to change "hardcoded" default EXIF data when taking photos? i.e I have Make 'LG Electronics', I want it to be 'Apple' Model 'LG-D802', change it to 'iPhone X' I know there are a lot ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Strange image orientation with all camera apps

I've just noticed that on my Wileyfox Swift there's something strange going on with image orientation: taking a landscape image, everything is fine: the resulting JPG is in landscape, and Exif has ...
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Rear or Front Facing Camera through EXIF Data?

I am creating an app that separates selfies from picture taken with the rear-facing camera. I am not doing this 'in real-time' so I started looking at the EXIF data. I have compared the standard ...
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Dates changed on the photos

Photos were taken in 2011 on Samsung phone GT-B3310 (not a smartphone). This phone was switched off for over 2 years in 2013. On 24 January 2015 the phone was switched on and transferred the ...
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4 votes
4 answers

How can I change my pictures' and videos' date on my phone by their filenames?

Yesterday, I moved a bunch of old pictures and videos to my phone, using a FTP server I installed on my phone. Everything went fine, but today I discovered that the date of all the copied photos and ...
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1 vote
1 answer

What is the difference between the Tag Buddy and Face tag stock Gallery options, and where is the related info stored?

I would like to know what the difference is between the Tag Buddy and Face tag stock Gallery options (as available on the Samsung Galaxy SIII stock Gallery application). Also, why is one option ...
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Gallery application replacement for adding text based Photo Notes

The Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo stock Gallery application has (and other models do too) an option to set a Photo Note when you're viewing a picture. When you select it the picture rotates via some OpenGL ...
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