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Loose location accuracy problem

It is very annoying to calibrate my Samsung Galaxy A53 compass every 3 minutes when I navigate in big city. In many places accuracy becomes low after several minutes of navigation. I have feeling ...
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Disable external GPS

I use Android Auto a lot. My car's entertainment unit, which I connect my phone to via USB in order to use Android Auto, has it's own GPS antenna. But it's slow to obtain my location, and often ...
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How do I know which GPS my Android Auto is using

Apparently Android Auto can either use the GPS in the connected head unit or the GPS in the mobile device itself. As I understand, Android Auto will always prefer to use the GPS in the connected head ...
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Using another phone's GPS signal as location

I have an android phone (Device A), and an android tablet (Device B). Device B has a decent GPS, but Device A's is pretty much unusable. I would like to use Device A for navigation, but to do so I ...
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How to show my devices in my custom google map

I have 5 mobile devices with me, all these devices have GPS. On my map i need to view all the devices wherever it is located. And GPS will be turned on. Please help me
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Can I use an external GPS receiver by connecting both GPS and Android device to a PC?

I have an HTC One X which I like and carry everywhere, but the GPS is atrocious. It takes tens of minutes to get a position, loses it easily and it's not even very accurate when it has a signal. ...
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Using external AIS and GPS and OpenCPN via Windows/Linux on a smartphone for sea navigation

Having read excellent answers about using external USB devices on SmartPhones (HTC Desire in my case), I would like to complicate the issue still further: I'd like to use a Windows emulator on the ...
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Connect Samsung Galaxy tab 2 P3100 to a GPS dongle/ Receiver

I have a Samsung galaxy tab 2 p3100. I have an android application which uses its internal GPS to get Latitude, Longitude values. But the lat, long values getting from this tab is not accurate. So I ...
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Android Sat Nav Apps

I have a few questions about Sat Nav applications running on Android. Does the pre-installed sat nav app require a connection to the web? Does it operate in car and pedestrian modes and be updated ...
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Does the Asus Transformer Prime GPS extension kit have a USB pass thru to charge the tablet

As noted Asus is offering a GPS Extension Kit for the Asus Tranformer Prime TF201. Does the module has a pass thru USB multipin connector to allow charging from the USB cable or does one have to ...
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Bluetooth GPS compatibility list for Android 2.2 / Archos 43 tablet?

I've been looking at a very inexpensive bluetooth GPS (DeLorme Earthmate BT-20) to pair with my Archos 43 Internet Tablet running Android 2.2. Is anyone aware of a compatibility list that I should be ...
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Can I hook up an external GPS to Android devices without a built-in GPS?

I know there's a number of solutions that allow you to use a Bluetooth-enabled external GPS antenna but what if you don't have Bluetooth? Does anyone know of a way to connect a USB GPS antenna to an ...
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