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Face Unlock is a new screen-lock option that lets you unlock your device with your face.

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Is Samsung's Facial Recognition secure on Galaxy A50?

Cheap Samsung phones have facial recognition functionality. The settings application states that if the "Faster recognition" option is enabled, "A video or image could be recognized as ...
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How to make a phone locks automatically when seeing someone's face?

I just want to ask if is it possible to make my phone lock when it sees person A's face. It's reverse to unlocking my phone. It should work on all screens, whatever I'm doing, does that mean the ...
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How to unlock with face recognition for multiple users?

We are using our tablet together with my wife. I have added another user profile to the Android tablet (Samsung Tab A7, Android 10). I have switched to her account and we added her face for the ...
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Is it possible to access Face ID sensors raw data?

My Honor 10 has facial recognition capability in the dark, I suppose it works like Apple's Face ID which would rely on and IR camera and an Infrared pattern/dot projector. So, since the Settings app ...
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Face unlock and sun glasses

I'm thinking about getting new glasses, the kind that get dark(like sun glasses) or clear depending on the amount of light they get so they are supposed to be dark in the outside and clear inside. I ...
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Unlock device using facial recognition and go to Homescreen

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 5.0.2 stock, and I'd like to use the facial recognition in addition to drawing an unlock-pattern. This works fine, my face is recognized, but after that, ...
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How to enable Face Unlock on Samsung Note 3

For some reason, the Note 3 doesn't have the Face Unlock feature listed under Smart Lock (see screenshots below). Click on image to enlarge Do I have to download the APKs seperately?
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How to use face unlock in Sony Xperia Z2 running Cyanogemod 12?

In Cyanogenmod 12, how do you unlock based on your face? I went to "smart lock" and trained facial recognition. Now I go back to the Screen lock and there is still no option to unlock with the face. ...
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Side-loaded Face-Unlock not working

I downloaded and installed facelock.apk on my Motorola Android tablet (running 4.0.3) but it fails with "Face unlock couldn't start.". What's the reason? What can I do to get it working?
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How do I "train" Face Unlock?

After updating my UK HTC Sensation to Android 4.0 I was keen to try out Face Unlock. I'm happy to say that it works reasonably well, however the setup process has led to me having a query. When ...
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If I set an Android 4.0 to use face recognition, after which I shave my head, will face recognition still work?

I was reading about the new face recognition unlock of Android 4.0 and was just wondering that , if I should shave my head afterwards, the face recognition still would work ?
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No face unlock for the Nexus S?

I seems to me, that the Nexus S did not get the face unlock feature with ICS? Why would this not be supported for the Nexus S? Is it the hardware? I wonder because the code is open source and I ...
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How reliable is ICS face unlock?

After following a liveblog of the presentation where Google announced Ice Cream Sandwich, one of the more interesting features announced was the ability to unlock your phone with your face. As in, the ...
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