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Use fingerprint in apps but not device unlock

On my Samsung Galaxy A14, I could configure my fingerprint for use within apps (such as banking and qualified electronic signature apps) but not for unlocking my phone. This is my preferred setup as I ...
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How do I hide the network name from the notification bar on Fairphone?

I recently switched my phone carrier and the new one has a network with a pretty long name. It shows in the top left of the screen, in the status bar. Since the name is long, it pushes other ...
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Android 13 takes half an hour to connect to mobile network

I have a fairphone 4, and when I restart it, it takes about half an hour or more to get network connection. Even if I set the phone to manually pick a network operator, the phone is unable to connect. ...
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Squeaky voice with Microsoft Teams on eOS and iodéOS

On both Android phones I own (all systems up-to-date), MS Teams calls are not usable, since the caller voices are all squeaky. I have the impression that a compression algorithm in the background is ...
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fastboot devices fails adb devices doesn't

Devices is a Fairphone 4. I am following this guide. I managed to do the "OEM unlock" and then rebooted into the bootloader using adb reboot bootloader. At this point however, no fastboot ...
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Cannot Unlock Bootloader on Fairphone 4

I have been attempting to install /e/ OS on a Fairphone 4 in accordance with these instructions: and I am stuck on Step 6 of Unlocking the Bootloader. No ...
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Change search engine in search bar on home screen on Android 11?

When I set up my new phone (Fairphone 4) with Android 11 I selected Duckduckgo as search engine. This is now used in the bottom search bar on the home screen. Now I can't find the place in the ...
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Hide notch on Android 11

I just got my Fairphone 4, and, overall the device is nice, but I can't get used to the notch. Since the display aspect ratio is super tall anyways and I can use a bit more bezel on the bottom as well ...
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