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Offbrand Android states one OS but shows another in linked apps

I recently bought a generic 10" tablet by E-CrossStu that stated it is on Android 11 with 512GB storage with 4GB RAM. I thought this is a great deal for $100. I am now going through trying to add ...
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Get the real hardware specs of fake device [duplicate]

I brought a new phone and it turns out to be a fake china phone. But the settings are somehow spoofed and show fake details. is there a way to get the real details? EDIT It is a Huawei mate 40 pro ...
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How to verify if device is reporting fake technical specs like Android version, RAM, or storage memory?

I've been asked if I can check some faulty behavior of a device, a cheap Chinese android smartphone. I'm not really an android expert, usually I install a few apps to help me figure out few things ...
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