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Where in the Play Store can I see reaction from an app developer

I recently sent private feedback to the developers of Microsoft Launcher (Beta), using the app's Feedback option (Options > Help and Feedback > Send feedback). Now, a few days later, I got a ...
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Report bug for any app on Google Play

Is there a bug report feature which can be used to report bugs with any app hosted on Google Play? I'm thinking that most developers will welcome feedback on their apps, so would expect this ...
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2 answers

How do you leave a review on the Google Play Store without a Google+ account?

I would like to leave reviews for some of the Android apps I really appreciate. But leaving reviews on the Google Play Store requires signing up for Google+. Like many others, I refuse to add Google+...
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Is there a way to see app feedback I've sent on Android?

Yesterday I sent some feedback for an app (Google Hangouts) through Android's system-wide Send Feedback function. This is the same dialog box that is triggered when you choose to report a Force Close. ...
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