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Generic term for computer files that collect and compress multiple files together, such as ZIP or RAR.

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App getting crashed even if no modification done to the code and the stack trace is same as the repackaged version of original app

My question is related to the repackaging of a mobile app. This app uses v1 signing scheme and I did the following: I fetched the apk file from the playstore using adb and I signed with my keystore ...
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SMS archiving and control

I've searched throughout the web with no joy. My background: I've got 16+ years in software (I'm out of it but not before I built some Android apps for myself). My problem is that I'd like to reduce ...
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How to keep useful but rarely used apps uninstalled in the phone (ready-to-install, ideally including their settings)?

Currently I have installed ~500 apps, mostly productivity apps and tools of various types. I would like to have only ~100 most frequent apps installed and keep the rest (~400) uninstalled, stored in ...
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How to edit a text file in a ZIP or RAR archive, without manual extract/compression?

I have a text file in a compressed file (RAR/ZIP). On my desktop, I happen to be able to edit it, and then WinRAR or 7-Zip sends a message saying the text file was changed and asking if I want to ...
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What is the difference between archiving and backing up, a WhatsApp chat?

Both are some kind of storing mechanisms. Both occupy memory space. But what is the difference between archival of a whatsapp chat and backing up a whatsapp chat?
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How do I create an archive for easy extraction to /data/local/tmp/ in "adb shell"?

Usual shar archives fail to extact in adb shell due to problems with lock directory and temporary files for HERE documents. Zip archives are also not an option. How do I make an archive that can be ...
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How can I open a `.rar` file if Solid Explorer fails?

I have the app Solid Explorer installed but the .rar file doesn't seem to be opening properly. Which tool can I use to extract .rar files properly? OS: 4.1.1 Device: S3
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