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Use this tag for questions related to dates, attributes, and other file properties being affected by a problem.

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What can WhatsApp access on my phone?

The app WhatsApp would like to have permission to access my device's photos, media and files. If I grant permission, exactly what can (could) the application access? Can it access all of the photos ...
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How to use setprop via adb shell in recovery?

I messed up flashing a beta Android Q build on my phone. After that, I can't flash my stable ROM without error 7 in TWRP - device mismatch. Removing the assert works, but not a permanent solution. ...
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Android: Where does android store system properties key/value

I want to change device's serial number. I have researched and finding some places that android stores prop file: /default.prop /system/build.prop /system/default.prop /vendor/build.prop /data/local....
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Difference between /system/build.prop properties and setprop persist.adb.tcp.port (example) properties?

What is the difference between properties manipulated in /system/build.prop file and properties manipulated by setprop, for example setprop persist.adb.tcp.port? Where is the latter property stored? ...
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Build.prop modifies okay. But not updates in system (e.g. About Tablet in settings)

I am running Android-x86 4.4 on VirtualBox. Everything works fine. But when I am modifying build.prop (with ES File Explorer or BuildProp Editor) with other manufacturer or model and save it. After ...
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Determining file type from android terminal emulator

I have a file of unknown type that does not display properly in es file explorer and I have no other app installed that can open it. Can I use the terminal emulator (or some other method?) To ...
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Should the sdcard support case-sensitive files?

I've been testing one of my apps to see how it handles filenames in UPPER-CASE. I thought the Android libraries and system was case sensitive for filenames, however I eventually discovered that files ...
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How can I transfer photos to my Android Jelly Bean device while preserving the original timestamp?

I recently bought a Nexus 4 and I would like to transfer my photos of my previous device to it. My previous Android phone used the standard USB mass storage which gave 0 problems to copy back and ...
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