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Questions tagged [find-my-device]

Use this tag for questions specifically about remote services to find and locate registered Android devices, such as Google's "Find My Device", Samsung's "Find My Mobile", Xiaomi Mi's "Find Device", etc. For questions about lost phones in general, use the [lost-phone] tag instead.

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Find My Device without working Wi-Fi e.g. because it connected to public Wi-Fi that has a captive portal

To my understanding, Find My Device needs to connect to the Internet to work. I know that sometimes there is the last-seen location, but this doesn't always seem to work. Sometimes my phone connects ...
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Power off requires password for all android phone [duplicate]

One of my relatives dropped their phone and someone picked it up and turned it off. Now there is no way to locate it as Find My Device does not show it anymore. I have an Android 12 device and there ...
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Google prompt won't show up after I flashed my phone

2-Step enabled, and I keeped backup codes. This is what I did: Before I flashed my phone, I logout my google account. Then after I flashed my phone, I logged in google accout from my phone by using ...
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Is Phone still usable after Google Find my device erase device

well, the question says it all. I was playing around with google find my device and messed up. The worse thing, I was using my father's phone and not mine. Result- After i used find-my-device - secure ...
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How to unlock my device after locking with Google's “Find My Device”?

I now have my phone (Xiaomi Redmi 4), but it's locked from Google's "Find My Device". Everyone keeps talking about a password option in Find My Device, but nothing like that exists! How do I ...
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How do Google and Samsung's "Find My Device" service can bypass Android's Secured Lock Screen?

As I know, when the phone is locked that means it has been encrypted. So how do Google and Samsung's "Find My Device" service bypass Android's Secured Lock Screen? Does it mean they have our ...
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Are administrative permissions for remote disabling of phone the same as root?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android 4.3. If I choose the option for remote disabling the phone if the phone is lost or stolen, it asks for some administrative permissions. Are these permissions ...
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