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Android phone having micro SD card instead of soldered flash IC

Do you know an Android phone that instead of a soldered on flash IC has a removable micro SD card and can boot from it? I imagine how easy backup and unbricking could be if such a thing existed.
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Can I use an ecrypted flash drive on Android?

Is it possible to use a flash drive encrypted with LUKS and connected to the phone with an USB OTG cable?
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What should I do after I install 128 GB of storage on my android?

I install 128 GB extra storage on my android. The thing is, most of those spaces are empty. I cannot, for example, move my most space hoarding apps over there. I can move files but I have no idea ...
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How to stop automatic copying to usb flashdrive

I have a OnePlus Nord N20 running android 11. Whenever I plug a flashdrive in, It dumps a bunch of empty folders onto the flashdrive. Alarms, Android, Audiobooks, DCIM, Documents etc. Does anyone know ...
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