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How to disable power button turning on flashlight while screen off in Android?

I have a galaxy S20+, and multiple times per day, when I pick up my phone or pull it out of my pocket and turn the screen on, the flashlight comes on too. It's very annoying. The flashlight is ...
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Samsung Galaxy A13 developer mode breaks flashlight

I was using my Samsung Galaxy A13 phone like normal. I could take pictures, run apps, etc. I turned on developer mode on my Samsung A13 unlocked phone and I noticed that, while running my phone in ...
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How to deactivate IR-Lights

My IR-Flashlights are not turning off anymore. Turning the IR-Cam on/off, rebooting the phone, turning off the phone, factory-reset etc. didn't work. It stays on all the time, even when the phone ...
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How to have flashlight toggle on sharp shake motion with Tasker?

I would like to toggle the flashlight when shaking the phone sharply. I have tried setting the Tasker profile to shake left-right + display state on + not proximity sensor. This still is very buggy. ...
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MIUI: Turn off auto flash off feature with power button

My Device: POCO M2 Pro Useless Feature: If flashlight is on and screen is turned off, then pressing the power button will turn off the flashlight first instead of waking the screen. My Question: How ...
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"Another app is using the camera" when trying to turn on the camera or flash

My Samsung Galaxy J4+ is having a problem. When I turn on the camera or flash, it is saying "Another app is using the camera". But I have checked nothing in the background is using these, ...
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Can I connect an external flashlight to an Android smartphone and control it?

Can I connect an external flashlight to an Android smartphone and control it? I've seen it done on an iPhone (YouTube video). If it's possible, can it be done also via JavaScript?
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How to periodically switch on and switch off flashlight with 1kHz rate on rooted Redmi Note 5 Oro?

My objective is to write a shell script to periodically turn off and on my phone's flashlight (about 1 kHz or 500Hz). My phone is rooted. So I gained superuser shell access (#) These are the files ...
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How to edit build.prop file in Android 11

I have a TCL 20e (6125A) with Android 11. I want to increase the torch brightness. As I read in another post, this can be done by adding these two lines in the file: ...
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Flashlight comes on for no apparent reason

I have a Samsung A5 running Android 8. Every so often when I pull it out of my pocket the flashlight is on. The screen will be locked due to timeout and there is no indication that I somehow pocket ...
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Flashlight Enabling for a video call

As far as I know, there is no support for flashlight while we are chatting via video call in a smartphone. Why it is not present? Is there any hardware limitation? Can someone explain?
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