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Flyme OS is an Android ROM developed by Meizu.

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'adb wm size' to part of the screen

I want my android version 5.1 screen to be more accessible The base resolution of my android screen is 720x1280 I did adb shell wm size 720x892 and it gave me this: Now I want to achieve this: How ...
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How to turn off system-level push notification from phone vendor's message Flyme?

My system is Flyme OS on the Meizu brand. Even though I have uninstalled the application, I still receive notifications from that software, and after some searching for information, I understand that ...
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Modify the Chinese date localization in the quick settings of Flyme Stable (SystemUI.apk modification)

I translated the firmware Flyme Stable (RU & UA) for Meizu Note 9 and Meizu 8X, but I can’t kill the Chinese in the quick settings: The fact is that China’s events are taking place there ...
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Settings app keeps crashing on Meizu M6

When I try to open the Setting app on my Meizu M6 (with Flyme, it stays on for like a half a second and then closes. Usually when this happens to me, what I do is clear the cache or if that ...
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Unbricking a hard bricked Meizu M3 Note

I got an old and bricked Meizu M3 Note to fix it. The device isn't mine so I don't know what caused the brick. The device doesn't respond to anything - when clicking the power button or trying to boot ...
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