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What Is This Hidden Folders With Random Numbers On My Phone? How Do I Remove It?

I have a xiaomi phone, poco F4, with android 13, miui version 14.0.11. this random folders have random number on it, it is an empty folder, no files inside. this folders keep bothering me, i have some ...
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Android 11 - Folders structure of hundreds of Categorized applications with their unique manually selected folders Backup

I made folders of applications according to their categories on my Android 11 Tablet, I have hundreds of Applications due to my needs and work, for this reason they need to be categorized, each folder ...
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I have added many photos from Camera to Album X for sorting. Is there any way to automatically add all remaining photos in Camera to Album Y?

Album X is supposed to be a "best of" album. However, I keep on noticing very good photos that I previously missed, and am adding them to Album X in an ad-hoc manor. It would be better to ...
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How to Find Where an App Is Installed? Find an App's Install Location [duplicate]

Usually, Android apps are installed in: Internal shared storage/Android/​data/​app/​com.example.MyApp/​ However, I've been looking for a while but can't find where CapCut (the video editing app) is ...
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Stop Android from creating folders on a media player external USB drive

I have an X96 media player running Android 11. Whenever I attach an external USB drive or SD card, Android will create a bunch of directories, an "Android" one (this I know about), but also &...
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1 answer

Copying a folder from Google Drive to Google Drive

How do I copy a folder in Google Drive for Android or Google Drive via Google Chrome for Android? I tried long pressing the folder but I cannot select the folders. I can only open them and view their ...
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Accessing full Android storage

What was the last version of Android which allowed apps and user to have full read and write access along with all copy move or delete operations of everything inside the internal storage? Currently, ...
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How to stop automatic copying to usb flashdrive

I have a OnePlus Nord N20 running android 11. Whenever I plug a flashdrive in, It dumps a bunch of empty folders onto the flashdrive. Alarms, Android, Audiobooks, DCIM, Documents etc. Does anyone know ...
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Update linking path

How do I add a new directory to linking path? Meaning add a directory to where the dynamic linker will look for shared libraries. In Ubuntu you can create a .conf file under /etc/ and ...
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Cannot group Apps into folders in my App drawer

Currently using a Samsung S10e with Android 11. I Smart-Switch'ed from a Samsung J7 prime with Android 8, a couple of months ago. I could group apps in my Android 8 by (as best as I remember): From ...
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Is there a way to stop Android from creating folders on the SD card such as "Android" and "Download"?

In the SD card of an Android device, some folders such as "Android" and "Download" are always automatically created. Is there any to stop it?
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