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Gallery Vault is an application to encrypt your media files, giving you an extra layer of privacy protection. Use this tag if your issue is about this application.

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Recover hidden pictures from my system

I am currently using Calculator Vault to hide my photos and would like to recover all my photos. But my system does not want to start since this morning. I have the password with which I lock it. ...
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Is it possible to view files on an SD card encrypted with Gallery-vault on a computer?

I assume the answer is no but just wanted to check. I had some files/ photos etc on the Gallery-vault app on my phone -they were saved to my SD card. My SD card has been lost/ possibly stolen and I ...
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On formatting your phone where does all your media go that was previously placed in the vault?

I recently did a factory-reset on my android phone which cleared all the apps and the media files including the ones I had in applock vault. Upon reinstalling the application appLock I could not find ...
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How can I lock my Gallery Vault on an external SD-card?

My Gallery Vault was saved on an external memory card. Now my phone is lost. Can someone access my Gallery Vault which was on the external memory card?
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Gallery Vault verification

I recently had to factory reset my phone but now I have my apps back. When I went on gallery Vault and tried to click on a picture it said that the file was encrypted and I needed to verify my email. ...
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I lost my phone and i have very important files in gallery vault

if ever they try to open the vault saying they forgot the password, will they successfully open the vault? or if they format the phone or factory reset it, and they open the vault folder, are they ...
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your sd card is full back to vault now [duplicate]

By mistake my SD card was formatted. When I copy images out of the app lock vault I'm getting an error message that says my SD card is full. How can I recover my images?
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Restore the encrypted files contents from the Gallery Vault app

I have reset my device and forgot to open the Gallery Vault app, but I still have my encrypted files while unable to open them. How can I restore the contents of the encrypted files?
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