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A "geotag" is data added to a photo that identifies where the camera was geographically when the picture was taken. The Camera app in most Android phones can be set to automatically geotag photos using GPS or other location services as the photo is shot.

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Add meta information to photos?

Is there a decent camera app that will easily let me add a bit of text to my photos and store that text in the image file as EXIF/IPTC/XMP metadata? So far I have tried the stock Samsung camera app, ...
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With the Android 4.2 camera app, how can I tell if I have a GPS lock?

My Galaxy Nexus has just been updated to v4.2 of Jellybean, Google seem to have totally changed the camera app in this update and there's a few functions that I just can't find. As I'm travelling a ...
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Does Samsung Galaxy S keep GPS location in camera taken photo metadata?

Does anyone know if Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000's camera taken photos keep information about GPS location from when they were taken? Thank you
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Can I disable geotagging and delete prior geotag information in photos?

My phone is a rooted Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S) running a 2.2.1-based ROM. Another question touched on this, but I want to do 2 things Be able to take pictures that are not geotagged. According ...
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