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A "geotag" is data added to a photo that identifies where the camera was geographically when the picture was taken. The Camera app in most Android phones can be set to automatically geotag photos using GPS or other location services as the photo is shot.

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Add meta information to photos?

Is there a decent camera app that will easily let me add a bit of text to my photos and store that text in the image file as EXIF/IPTC/XMP metadata? So far I have tried the stock Samsung camera app, ...
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Not enough time for GPS lock for geo-tagging when taking a photo

I turned on geo-tagging for photos, but the problem is that the GPS locking procedure seems to only start when I open the camera app - but it takes minutes for it to lock on a location and by that ...
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Does Samsung Galaxy S keep GPS location in camera taken photo metadata?

Does anyone know if Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000's camera taken photos keep information about GPS location from when they were taken? Thank you
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With the Android 4.2 camera app, how can I tell if I have a GPS lock?

My Galaxy Nexus has just been updated to v4.2 of Jellybean, Google seem to have totally changed the camera app in this update and there's a few functions that I just can't find. As I'm travelling a ...
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Can I disable geotagging and delete prior geotag information in photos?

My phone is a rooted Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S) running a 2.2.1-based ROM. Another question touched on this, but I want to do 2 things Be able to take pictures that are not geotagged. According ...
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How do you disable geotagging for stock camera?

I have stock (i.e. pure Google with no manufacturer customizations) Android 4.3 and I use the built-in camera app. I searched around on the camera app settings but couldn't find any mention of GPS or ...
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Adding (and exporting) tags to pictures

I am trying to find a way to organize picture metadata in my Android phone. By default, it adds location and time data, so that the photos are easily searchable on the phone. I can also tag people and ...
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When taking pictures with GPS enabled, is the 'has the "GPS searching/locked notification icon" been disabled?

Background: In stock (i.e. pure Google with no manufacturer customizations) Android 4.3 using the built-in camera app, I am using the geotagging feature of the camera app. Description of the ...
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Uploading and sharing geotagged photos

I would like to be able to upload photos with geotag data to an online database that gives access to a controlled audience. For example it is possible to use Picasa with a joint Gmail account that ...
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Why GPS tags are lost after saving images to PC with KIES?

I'm using Samsung Galaxy S and latest Kies downloaded from samsung site. When I save images to PC all GPS tags are elliminated. How to keep them intact?
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How to geotag photos uploaded to google photos

I've uploaded some photos to google photos, these photos do not have any location information in their EXIF metadata as my camera didn't have the GPS enabled at the time of capturing images. Now I ...
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Does Samsung process its single take images in China?

I was in my backyard, taking pictures of the bees on the trees. I got inside and noticed that one of the single take pictures I'd taken on my s10 T-Mobile version had a location tag from Yushu, ...
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Geo/Location tagging a photo when taken from 'lock' screen

I have enabled location / geo-tagging of photos on my phone (Samsung S10+, prior to that, S7 - same results). Photos taken generally record location information as expected. However - if I take ...
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Picture not geotagged altough GPS tag option activated?

On my Huawei P8 Lite running the stock ALE-L21C432B194 Lollipop 5.0.1 firmware, pictures don't seem to be geotagged although I have the "GPS tag" option activated in the camera's Settings: When ...
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Geotagging not working when off the road

i have LG G2 mini phone with anroid 4.4.2. I have a problem with photo geotagging, it works perfectly when a photo is taken in a place which is marked on the map (for example a road) but when you take ...
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