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Gesture typing is the act in which you type by swiping from key to key, instead of pressing each key in turn.

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Tool that provides Alternate Results for Gesture Typing

My problem: I was at an event the other day taking notes on my Google Pixel 5. I had to gesture type quickly, creating 3 pages of notes. Now, a few days later, I'm reviewing my notes and correcting a ...
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Enable gesture (swipe) input (on Fairphone 2) without Google Keyboard

I have Fairphone 2 running Fairphone Open OS, and I'm making a quixotic effort to avoid installing non-free (as in freedom) software on it and to optimize privacy. I want swipe input, but I don't ...
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t Google Keyboard gesture typing intermittently stopping after switching keyboards

Sometimes when I switch keyboards (from Google Pinyin input) back to English the gesture (Swype) typing doesn't work. There may also be a several second delay when switching. Occasionally the app I'm ...
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Indian English gesture typing keyboard for Android KitKat?

Switched from Windows 8.1 to Android KitKat recently. Windows 8.1 keyboard had the option of gesture typing for Hindi words written in English script. For example, "bhag" (means run in English) could ...
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Define Gesture in ES File Explorer

I'm using ES File Explorer. There's one thing I want to ask, what is the purpose of the small spot at the center of the screen when I turn on the app? Whenever I click on it, a toast message show ...
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Restore old keyboard on Lollipop

I love Lollipop, but the keyboard is killing me. When I swipe words, the text that shows up in the text box does not match what the suggestion says. It picks the one in the text box and not the one in ...
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Disable emoji suggestions when using gesture typing with the default Google Keyboard

I use gesture (swipe) typing on my phone to enter text. However, sometimes when I enter certain words, the keyboard suggests emoji icons instead of the word I typed. For example, when I gesture type ...
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How can I disable profanity filtering of autocomplete suggestions?

I'm using a Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.2.2. I started using the baked in Swype imitation/gesture typing as soon as I found out it was there. However, the profanity filtering is extremely frustrating. ...
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Gesture typing on multiple languages?

I recently played with my friend's Nexus 7 and tried the gesture typing. And I'm surprised it only works on user's locale keyboard. It lacks Ukrainian dictionary too :( , but that's another question. ...
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Gesture typing suggestions in Google Now

With the 4.2 update, I've begun using the default Android keyboard's gesture typing. However, I've noticed that in Google Now, the keyboard behaves as if it were a web browser. That is, it doesn't ...
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