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Questions tagged [go-sms]

Go SMS is a messaging app that can be used in place of the stock messaging app. This offers a wide variety of features than a normal messaging app.

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Where does go sms store pictures

I use go sms on my L34c phone. When I download attached pictures from a message it shows /storage/emulated/0/gosms/download/ I cannot find that on either internal stoarage or my sd card Please help ...
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How can I get the old Emojis or Kik-style Emojis on my updated GoSMS Pro?

Okay, I use GoSMS Pro for my SMS, and I use SwiftKey for my keyboard. GoSMS just updated because of a "copyright issue" with their emojis, and now the only emojis available aren't really ideal for me. ...
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What is the path where GoSMS stores the SMS messages

How say the title I can't find where the sms are stored. I see this similar question but the replies haven't helped me. I have gosms and I want delete all messages, but if I do this option with gosms ...
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Recieved an SMS that deleted all my SMS

A weird thing happened to me today. I received an SMS and upon opening it from the notification bar on top, my SMS are all gone. I didn't even get to read the message. I have my SMS backed-up from a ...
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How can I Have Separate Alerts for Email and SMS?

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 4.2.2. Currently both SMS and Email notifications have the same sound. Before I was on this phone I was on an iPhone and this was easy to change. I ...
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Hide certain numbers when picking SMS recipients

So many of my contacts have both home and cell numbers in my contact list. But when I am typing in names I the recipient field go sms pro), I don't really want to see numbers that cannot receive ...
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Pop up message when sending large amounts of SMS messages

When I send a relatively large number of text messages using GoSms, I get this pop up after I send a message: I have seen this on other forums but I have yet to see a way to get rid of it (that is, ...
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Long texts not sending; if I set my phone to split them up, some don't go through [closed]

I have a Droid RAZR and I'm on Verizon, and when I try to send a text that's over 2x160 characters to another Verizon phone, it usually doesn't send. In the message details, my phone says "Received", ...
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SMS gone after "failed" boot due to low battery

My phone has very low battery. I powered it up and during the boot process it shuts off probably due to having no more battery. Now I plugin the charger then I check my SMS, they're all gone. I've ...
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Disable GO SMS Pro weekly nag messages

About once a week, GO SMS Pro "receives" (I don't know if it comes from somewhere or if it's written into the application) a nag message from "[email protected]" along the lines of: Most of users ...
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GO SMS conversation grouping by number, not contact

I installed GO SMS pro today and it looks good, but there is one thing that is a deal breaker for me. Some of the people I know use different numbers (grouped under one contact) to text me, however ...
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3 votes
5 answers

Go Sms Pro: "Too many unsent multimedia messages" error

Every time I try to send a Multimedia message using Go Sms Pro, I get a toast message saying: "Can't send message right now. There are too many unsent multimedia messages" This doesn't happen when I ...
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What is the downside of using GO SMS Pro and / or Handcent? [closed]

All I've been seeing about these apps are the positives. I want to know the negatives of using them, apart from me having to install an additional app to do something that the phone can already do by ...
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Manually changing shared_prefs and forcing app to update to it?

I've been trying to figure out if it's possible to disable/enable GO SMS popup notifications via something like Tasker. I came across the following line in /data/data/com.jb.gosms/shared_prefs/com.jb....
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How can I save a thread from Go SMS Pro to my SD card?

I have tried several things, but haven't found one that works. How can I save a message thread from Go SMS Pro to my SD card?
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