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Google Chat is one of two replacement apps for Google Hangouts. Use this tag for questions about Google Chat on the GMail app or as a standalone app.

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I want to receive Google Chat messages from my work account but I don't want work emails showing up in my Gmail app

I use the Gmail app on my phone for my personal accounts. My work uses Google Chat and Gmail for all communications. The problem is, adding my work account for Chat causes it to also bring in my work ...
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Google Chat randomly hyperlinks words like "see", "zoo", "walmart", and "in a" on Samsung Galaxy S22, Android 13

I am using Google Chat from GMail on Samsung Galaxy S22, Android 13. Some words like "see", "zoo", "walmart", and "in a" are linked randomly. When I tap it, I ...
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What does grayed-slashed icon in Google Hangouts mean?

I tried to text a person in Hangouts whose profile icon appears like the image below. There is some peculiar info related to this. When I tried to text that person, it showed 'Failed to send... Tap ...
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