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Questions tagged [google-files]

"Files by Google" is a file manager app developed by Google.

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1 vote
1 answer

Pixel 6: Files and Photo apps are slow to "notice" pictures added by non-Google apps. Can I force it?

I really like my Pixel 6 but this behavior I'm going to describe drives me to distraction. When I copy pictures to the phone from my digital camera, the apps such as Files and Photos refuse to ...
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0 answers

This is several questions about how to manage Google safe files [closed]

I am trying to create a password protected secure folder on the SD card in my Android phone. I have successfully used the Google Files app to create a password protected directory, and added a few ...
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2 votes
2 answers

PDF always open in Drive from Files

When opening PDFs in "Files by Google" it always opens in Drive PDF Viewer. I want them to open in Adobe. I've looked online and got a lot similar issue, but none of the fixes work for me. ...
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How do I find an .apk file that's not even installed?

There is an .apk file when I use Google Files. But it says it's not installed. It is taking up over one MB of memory. How do I remove it? Better yet how do I find it?
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