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Google Fit doesn't record steps accurately

I have been very frustrated trying to get an accurate record of steps in the Google Fit app. I have only one device, a Fitbit Sense watch, which counts my steps, and I have disactivated activity ...
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If I get my heart points (from cycling), should I care about getting my steps in?

Just started using Google Fit. I cycle fairly regularly, and quickly hit my target heart points per week - but I'm rarely hitting my steps goals per day. Does this matter? If I'm getting my exercise ...
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Google Fit not tracking/importing activities accurately

I've recently noticed that the Google Fit app has been extremely off when recording OR importing activity, but especially importing. I tracked several walks recently where my watch (Fossil Q Explorist)...
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Use Pixel watch as Heartrate monitor for phone apps?

I have a Pixel watch and a Samsung S22 Ultra. I want to use the Pixel watch as a heart rate monitor source for an app on my phone.. however, when I try to pick a heart rate source the watch doesn't ...
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Google fit - Putting app to sleep & optimizing battery usage: Do they interrupt tracking KM distance?

I'm using google fit to track my walking distance for pokemon go, and I'm not sure if I need to make it "never sleep" or not allow it to be optimized for it to work well in the background. ...
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How to sync Garmin Connect with Google Fit?

I have Garmin Swim 2. On my Pixel 3A XL installed Garmin Connect, it works fine. But I want also see data on Google Fit. Unfortunately Garmin Swim 2 doesn't connect with Google Fit and I need to ...
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Samsung Galaxy S10+ randomly switches to roaming SIM and forces enable data roaming!

I have the latest firmware update, and I'm using it with 2 SIMs; Sim #1 is a Google-Fi on roaming, and Sim #2 is the local default sim. I choose SIM 2 to be the default for everything (calls, SMSs, ...
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Read daily steps count without Google Fit app

Hi Android enthusiasts ! I'm developing an app that read Google Fit OS layer data (local data written on the phone, not Google Fit application itself). Does phone's steps sensor natively write daily ...
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Card management with Google fit on Android

Google Fit is an Android app. When you run it, on the first screen they have cards with weight graph and personal records. These cards may be deleted by dragging them side ways. That is how i deleted ...
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How do I export my Google Fit data to iPhone and keep it in sync in the future?

I have used Google Fit on my Android phone for a while, and recently switched to the iPhone. How do I import my step counts and other fitness data into Apple Health on the iPhone from Google Fit? Are ...
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How do I tell where Google Fit is getting step data?

I have activity tracking disabled in Google Fit. I have three apps (HabitBull, MyFitnessPal, and Progression) connected to it and I don't believe they've recorded any step data. Google Fit shows 31 ...
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Viewing distance in Google Fit

I can't figure out how to view distances in Google Fit. When I walk, it only shows steps and duration. Is it possible to see the distance? How?
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