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Home app: cast my screen without all the confirmation steps

I find the Home app the simplest and hassle-free way to mirror phone screen to a videoprojector or tv running Android tv, and the screen-mirroring the simplest way when casting video from a phone (...
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Google app is crashing when trying to link Google Home with Tuya Smart life

I want to link Google Home with Tuya Smart Life, but when I click the accept prompt in the Tuya app, it shows "Google has stopped". I tried removing the app and linking it with the browser, ...
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Is there any way to turn an Android device into a Google Home speaker and thus add it to a speaker group in Google Home?

In Google Home, there is this feature called "speaker groups" which allows you to play the same music simultaneously on several speakers, in several rooms in the home, etc. I use this to ...
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