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Google Listen is an Android app for podcast search, subscribe, download and streaming.

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Does Google Play have a podcast feature?

Just grabbed a phone with 4.1. Most questions talk about the Google Listen app, but I can't find it. Did google remove the "podcasting" feature from their Play suite?
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Google Listen doesn't register Play/Pause commands after upgrade to ICS

I have been using Google Listen as podcast player on Samsung Galaxy SII paired with Plantronics BackBeat 903. It worked well until I upgraded to ICS and now the play and pause buttons won't be ...
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Motorola Defy Plus - Apps are automatically closing few minutes after screen switches off

This is driving me crazy. I just bought a new Motorola Defy Plus (MB526) this week and plugged in a 16 GB SD card to it. Like the features it offered like Moto-Blur and all that. So after 2 days of ...
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How to add StackExchange podcast to Google Listen (on Android)?

I'm trying to add the StackExchange Podcast to Google Listen. I've tried searching for it within Google Listen. No luck.
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Where are my Google Listen podcasts

I sometimes want to export a downloaded podcast to my computer, but I've yet to find the location where Google Listen stores them. Does anyone know?
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How to add an old podcast episode to Google Reader, so I find it in my Google Listen app?

I subscribe to podcasts via Google Reader, which puts them on the Google Listen app on my phone. But there are some podcast episodes that are very old that I can see in reader which I want on my phone....
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