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Google Family sharing with Google Assistant

I can't seem to figure out what data on my Google Assistant is shared with my Google Family. It looks like Google Assistant is an app that's listed with my Family according to the pages I'm reading, ...
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Is it legal to invite a friend to my Google family

I would like to invite a friend to my Google family cause there is a song or two she would like to listen to and I am thinking about buying a few movies on that Google account too so I am wondering if ...
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Can I repurchase apps so they can be shared with my family library?

The documentation states: Any apps or games purchased after July 2, 2016 are eligible to be added to Family Library. If you purchased the app or game before July 2, 2016, it’s eligible for Family ...
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minecraft and pvz backups transfer to new tablet

My son has been using a Samsung Tab A for the last year. I set him up (and his sisters) with a child google account which I monitor with Family Link. Unfortunately the tablet port charger broke (...
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Family Link not available on OnePlus One?

My son is using an old OnePlus One, and I wanted to install Google's family link on it. The browser finds it but the play store doesn't, and when I click it in the browser (and go into the play store) ...
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What to do when "Stop Supervision" does not stop supervision in Google Family Link

I was using the "Google Family Link" parental-control software to supervise a device. I wanted to stop supervising the device. So, in the Family Link parent app, I tapped "stop supervision". Google ...
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Can I set up two children on one device both managed by Google Family link?

The Google Family Link FAQ says you are only permitted to have one child per device. But on this page it says you can add a second profile to your child's device. Does this mean two children share ...
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Is it possible to create a Google Play Family group using a Google Gift Card?

When attempting to create a Google Play Family group, Google asks for credit card information. Is it possible to create a Google Play Family group using a Google Play Gift Card?
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