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Google Play Protect shows warning when installing an APK

I have tried signing the app with the Android debug key and also I have tried signing the APK with my private key (whose APK is present in Play Store) but still used to get this warning. I don't want ...
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1 answer

Play Protect : Device not certified - What does it mean?

I would like to know what it means when Google Play Protect certifies a device. My Moto G6 (Ali) is not certified in the Play Store. (Tap to enlarge) Is there any way to certify my device? ...
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1 vote
1 answer

What is the scope of Google Play Protect's scanning?

Even though I don't recommend relying on it (because it is not very effective), I know quite a few people who only use Google Play Protect. Does Google Play Protect only scan apps installed via the ...
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