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Questions tagged [gpu]

The Graphics Processing Unit, if available, takes load from the CPU and thus helps make graphics rendering faster.

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Kernel BUG at drivers/gpu/msm/adreno_dispatch.c

OnePlus 7T smartphone randomly freezes and rebooting. Bootloader unlocked and rooted. Smartphone runs on Android 11, but the same behavior occurred on a purely installed Android 12. Often the error ...
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OEM Vulkan support on Itel A48 (L6006s) unavailable despite Android's and Arm's specification

I have Itel A48 (L6006s). I've confirmed that it has a Mali-T820 GPU, which supports OpenGL®ES 1.1, 2.0, 3.1, 3.2, Vulkan 1.0, OpenCL™ 1.1, 1.2 Full Profile, RenderScript™. However, as I was coding a ...
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How to read gfxinfo

I'm using Apache TVM do benchmark DL models - this is long story, but I want to preview GPU usage of TVM. On Android device I have runing APK, which spawn 1-2 processes, which use GPU. I have turned ...
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How to build Android-x86 with VirtualBox guest OS integrations says that to use 3D acceleration for my Android-x86 virtual machine, I have to install Linux guest additions. I would like to know how to do that. I am using a Ubuntu 20.10 (64-bit) ...
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SoC compute-resource usage monitor for single app

I need to understand the compute resource usage of a compute-intensive app; this includes the CPU (ideally including the core ID), GPU, DSP, AI Engine in the processor (for Quallcom chips). I have ...
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Changes made in developer options revert back to default after turning off developer options

I am trying to enable Force GPU rendering option in the developer options. But after enabling it and then turning off the developer options, the developer settings revert back to default. How do I ...
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Clock speed of Adreno 509

I'm sorry if this if off topic but I don't know a better place to put it, after it's a GPU used in Android device My ROM maintainer has capped it at 430 mhz on the Moto z3 play. I distinctly remember ...
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How do I check if my phone has hardware video encoder?

I own a Samsung j7 2016 and I did some search about the CPU and looked for information tools but I've found codec info but not hardware video encoder info anywhere. If you know any app or adb command ...
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Does Forcing GPU Rendering Affect Battery Life?

I'm currently unsure about this and haven't found anything concrete while searching on the internet. I just recently got my first Android phone a week ago and started tinkering with the developer ...
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What are the correct specs of Tecno W3 smart phone?

I would like to by Tecno W3 smart phone (Android 6.0 Marshmallow). I googled to know its GPU. Some websites said it's Mali-400 GPU such as:
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Android phone without GPU [closed]

I am developing an app and I am considering phones that have low GPU config. I want to know is/was there a phone without GPU?
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How do I know if my device's GPU (or graphics driver) is of subpar quality?

The other day I got a new tablet. It's an Insignia Flex 10.1, a bargain Best Buy brand. A tablet's a tablet, though. Then I noticed, across several apps, this weird texture bleeding: (Click image ...
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HD Video in Chrome Browser is not working properly

I have an Android device with Android 4.2. It's a Box with an HDMI Output, to plug in to a TV. This box is capable of playing 1080p HD-Videos in the media-player app. However when I try to display a ...
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Can PowerTutor app measure exact whole power consumption of device's GPU?

I'm developing face detection app using OpenCL for heterogeneous devices with CPU-GPU. My app uses CPU - GPU simultaneously, so I want to measure app power consumption, comparing only GPU version ...
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MHL screen becomes static anytime a new app is loaded

I have an HTC One m7 that I use to stream Netflix with over an MHL HDMI cable to a touch screen. When I was running ViperOne 7.0.1 I would only occasionally see this and it would regain the video ...
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How to meausre GPU performance in different Custom ROMs

I plan to compare the GPU performance of different GPU powerscale policies. GPU powerscale policies are found under /drivers/msm/gpu/msm[or any other chipset name]/kgsl_pwrscale_XXXX.c under the ...
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Why is "Force GPU rendering" disabled by default Developer options?

Why is this feature disabled? When I turn it on, many apps and become snappy and awesome with smooth graphics. Seems like it'd be nice if it was enabled by default. The linked article in this ...
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How to disable GPU rendering on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8"

You're reading it right, I'm trying to do the oposite as others. I want to use CPU for rendering. The reason is simple. My tablet is freezing very frequently. I have no warranty, so I'm trying to ...
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What GPU is the Touchmate MID TM-MID777 Tablet?

Can anyone tell me the specifications of a tablet called MID TM-MID777 Touchmate? Is their chipset: Adreno Mali Tegra or PowerVR?
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Open source driver availability for main Android GPUs?

What are the current GPUs with fully open-sourced drivers on Android? There's been issues recently with Qualcomm's GPU in the new Nexus 7, which makes me wonder how strict are the rules for open-...
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Can I Throttle the GPU on my phone?

My phone gets really hot when playing games. I've tried throttling the cpu all the way down, but it doesn't seem to help any. Is there anyway to manually throttle the GPU? EDIT: My phone is an LG ...
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2 answers

is there a way to know what CPU, GPU, RAM my phone / tablet has? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to get hardware specs of Android device? I have a generic "cheap" tablet, running ICS; but I'd like to know what GPU does it have. The box says it has an Allwiner A10, ...
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Android emulator reports 0x501 error while using GPU Emulation with OpenGL ES [closed]

I am trying to run the ArcGIS for Android samples in Android Emulator. Based on the ArcGIS recommendation, I have installed the Intel HAXM and enabled the GPU Emulation as well. While running the ...
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Is there a way to lower GPU load from Ice Cream Sandwich?

I have seen some mentions (including here on Android SE) that Ice Cream Sandwich may not necessarily run optimally (e.g. will be slow/lag) on devices with slower/older GPUs. I assume that's due to ...
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