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Quick Settings enable/disable each setting/icon on lock screen

I noted on one of my phones in Quick Settings (dropdown) e.g. Wi-Fi icon is enabled on lock screen, on other phone it is asking for screen-pattern. So I want a way to customize this. I've read that ...
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Doogee S60 - Can't hide/change battery icon

I'm using a Doogee S60, on Android 7.0 Nougat, rooted, with Xposed and GravityBox installed. I'm seeing this weird issue where my status bar has a non-standard battery icon, and I can't seem to ...
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How to configure custom quick app in Quick Settings with GravityBox?

I am using Android Lollipop and my phone is rooted with the current version of Xposed framework and GravityBox is installed. I want to add an app shortcut with GravityBox, but can't do it. Here's the ...
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