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Questions tagged [gsi]

Generic System Image (GSI) is an AOSP ROM that can be flashed on Treble-supported devices.

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How to reduce GSI .img file size to flash in system partition?

I want to install a GSI to Huawei P10, but it does not accept big files to flash in the system partition: ProjectElixir_4.0_arm64_bgN-14.0-20240108-1305-OFFICIAL. When I try to flash it via fastboot, ...
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How to delete a partition using fdisk?

I am trying to install a GSI that is 1.8GB and i need to re-partition the system partition to allow the img to be installed, i tried using fdisk /dev/block/mmcblk0 then i tried using the command "...
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Difference between GSI ROMs

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 (SM-T330NU) supported by Project Treble. It says the GSI is system-arm32-binder64-ab-vndklite.img.xz, but what I find here on GitHub is system-squeak-arm32-binder64-...
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Bluetooth speaker failed back to phone speaker when there's a power status change on a GSI ROM

Current Behavior: When my Bluetooth earphone reports a power change to the phone, the Bluetooth disconnects and falls back to the phone speaker. The problem The Bluetooth speaker falls back to the ...
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How to install GSI on Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3

I am trying to flash an Android 12 GSI onto my Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3. Goal is to install the GSI without root / voiding the warranty. My company produces an app which is primarily used on Android ...
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Do I need a 'vbmeta' partition to install GSI?

Following the official GSI installation instructions from Google, they say to run fastboot --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img. When I run that, I get the following message: Rewriting ...
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