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hostapd reappears after deletion or renaming

Device: T-Mobile "Revvlry" branded version of the Motorola G7+. ROM:, which shows up in the phone settings as Android 10. Rooted: Yes. I'm using Termux ...
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Create WiFi AP in Termux with root access [duplicate]

For some purpose, I want to create a WiFi access point on my Android because I cannot turn on the hotspot when WiFi is enabled. And also I tried to use NetShare, but it cannot be enabled on boot. I ...
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How to run hostapd on Redmi 8

I have been trying to run the hostapd with my own hostapd.conf but it's refusing to work and keeps saying segmentation fault and I am wondering how to get it working on Redmi 8 running Android 10 I ...
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