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Can I send start command to my android phone in linux using serial command

I can't use my phone's start button, it's non-functional and in shutdown state.similar problem but can't access battery Can I send start command using Linux USB serial communication for this? If it's ...
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Android Chrome browser is making a duplicate of every photo downloaded to my external SD card

Every time I download a photo (.jpg or .png file) with the Chrome browser (stable version) to my external SD card, it gets duplicated and stored also in "/storage/emulated/0/Pictures" folder ...
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Android 8.0 | How to show the day of the week on my widget (HTC CLOCK) or Notifications area at the top

so I have this problem of not knowing the day of the week (Monday, Tuesday,...) and having it on my HTC 10's home screen or the notifications pane would help a lot. I remember that one of the above-...
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Can I flash magisk on encrypted HTC10?

Phone in question is european HTC 10 with Oreo. Here is what I did: Unlocked the bootloader following procedure from htcdev. Flashed TWRP. Sideloaded SuperSu. Then I figured that I don't want ...
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Bug: Oreo keeps changing the notification sound for all apps instead of just one [duplicate]

When I try to change the notification sound for an app (e.g.: WhatsApp), Oreo (Android 8) sets the new sound as the default notification sound (changes the default notification sound for the device). ...
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