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My HTC desire C says 'type password to decrypt storage' and I can't remember my password

I got a new phone and am trying to sell my old HTC desire C with beats audio. When I turn it on it says 'type password to decrypt storage' but I can't remember my password, any way I can overcome this?...
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1 answer

I have an HTC desire C and want to turn off Google voice typing

The keyboard is so small that I keep hitting the voice typing microphone icon but I don't want to use that feature ever. It's too slow and lags. So, I want to turn it off completely. Under settings>...
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2 answers

Can't Factory Reset HTC Desire C

I tried unlocking the bootloader (which I apparently succeeded at.) I then tried rooting it, which I failed at. I just want to reset the phone back to factory settings but when I try to do a factory ...
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