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For questions truly specific to the "HTC Dream" device (also known as "T-Mobile G1" and "Era-G1").

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How to share internet among 2 android devices?

I have in my possession a G1 and a new Android tablet (the Kmart one, the Gentouch). The Gentouch uses wifi to access the internet; the G1 uses a T-Mobile cellular connection. Ideally, I'd like to ...
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Will resetting my unlocked phone to factory settings lock it again?

I have an unlocked G1 that is freaking out on me in various ways. If I "restore factory settings" am I going to wind up locking it?
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Why can't I boot into recovery mode?

I think I'm actually missing something here still. Everything I read suggests I need to boot into recovery mode as a first step, and that I ought to be able to do that by holding down the "home" key ...
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G1 Misbehaving -- can I (should I?) reinstall donut?

I have an unlocked G1 (b/c I am stuck with an AT&T contract) that recently started to do a lot of weird things all at once. Most notably, it rings but does not show the caller or allow me to ...
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G1 Unable to get past android boot logo

I have a T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream), this morning it vibrated once and then restarted, it then went to the android boot logo went through that and stopped at a black screen. I've tried pulling the ...
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Gaining root acces/installing custom rom on G1 with build number CRC1

Could you please share your knowledge about how to flash the latest update of stock Android OS on G1 (aka HTC Dream)? I would like to try out some custom roms, but most information I was able to find ...
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Can a Dream's camera really zoom from the camera app?

I upgraded my HTC Dream to CM6.1, and the camera app now has a zoom option. Is this a real zoom, or just a digital blow-up of the image? I'm guessing the latter.
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