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Questions tagged [htc-dream]

For questions truly specific to the "HTC Dream" device (also known as "T-Mobile G1" and "Era-G1").

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How do I boot into recovery mode on an HTC Dream/G1?

I'm trying to revive and root an old HTC Dream. According to every ten-year-old tutorial I've been able to find, you should be able to boot into recovery mode by holding the Home + Power button as you ...
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Auto shutdown after about 15 minutes

I have a HTC G1 Dream device. I noticed that it has a problem. When I unplug it from charger, about 15 minutes later it shuts down. Is there any solution for this? P.S Factory reset won't help ...
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How to unlock a G1

Yes, I got the G1 the day it was launched in the UK. Swapped it for HTC Desire when that was launched. Now have a Galaxy S4. Anyway, I moved away from T-Mobile without removing the G1's network lock (...
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