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Questions tagged [htc-one-xl]

For questions truly specific to the "HTC One XL".

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1 answer

just boot in recovery mode htc one xl

Well, I have a htc onexl at&t (evita) bootloader unlock and custom recovery TWRP when i try to turn on my phone he just boot in recovery, i can go to bootloader but i cant boot in system, is not ...
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2 answers

Is HTC one X AT&T and HTC one XL same?

Just noticed HTC one X AT&T and HTC one XL has got same configuration. Are those mobile same ? HTC one X AT&T vs HTC one XL (GSM Arena) Actually, I read a article on which it was mentioned ...
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How do I enter twrp recovery?

I unlocked (not rooted) my HTC One XL using official HTC method. Then I install goomanger and installed latest open recovery script TWRP evita. goomanager said that it was installed. Then I ...
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Where can I confirm that my HTC One XL is evita model?

I want to double check that my HTC One XL is evita model. I am almost sure I saw it in a menu somewhere but I cannot find it anymore. Could somebody guide me where I can find such info?
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