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Baidu Android Store automatically installed without permission

Android Store ( is automatically installed on my device without permission. It happens in last 2 weeks. Two months ago, I had installed Baidu Browser ( ...
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HTC Sensation XE, Mobile data OFF when GPS ON

When any app on my android device started to read GPS (with GPS icon ON at notification area), my mobile data connection is OFF right away and then ON again after about 10-20 seconds. It happens in ...
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Improving HTC Sensation XE somehow

I have an HTC Sensation XE and the smartphone is becoming slower and worse every day, expecially compared to my Nexus 7 and Samsung Tab 2. Android on the phone is slow and lagged ( I have to wait ...
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How to repair HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio touch screen?

I have bought a HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio and I am told apparently water got inside and cant be turn on. However when i disassemble it, saw nothing, any oxidation residue. After some normal ...
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CyanogenMod doesn't work on HTC Sensation XE

I have strange troubles with installation CyanogenMod on HTC Sensation XE. Any version (I'v tried 9.0, 9.1, last nightly 10) show about the same errors. There are two classes of errors. First - /...
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HTC XE turned itself off and won't turn back on

I charged my phone overnight for at least 6 hours. It was working fine when I checked my emails first thing this morning. Then, the phone restarted itself (not uncommon!). Since then, I can't turn it ...
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The name "Alicia Han" appears to be calling!

I think there's a bug in Android where some Alicia Han appears to be calling. This happens some times if you hang up on someone calling you, or you have a missed call. The name appears in the instant ...
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How to access functions previously assigned to the hardware Search button on HTC Sensation XE

I presently have an HTC Desire handset which has a physical Search button. If I long-press on that search button I get a pop-up screen titled "Complete action using" and then I have three options of ...
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Cant answer the phone

Often when someone phones me, the phone just locks up. I can't slide the ring up to answer. Sometimes the ring moves a little.. sometimes not at all. I just can't do anything until the caller stops ...
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How can I configure an unlocked HTC Sensation XE for 3g connectivity in USA?

I bought this phone in India and brought it home to USA. In India I had no issues in connecting to 3G network but after coming back to USA I am no longer able to connect to 3G network (AT&T). I ...
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Minimum volume is too high with headphones

Got the HTC Sensation XE recently. Liking the phone and the beats headphones/ear-in phones that come with the phone. However, the minimum volume is just too LOUD!!! The beats integration was one of ...
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