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For questions truly specific to the "HTC Sensation" (aka "HTC Sensation 4G") device.

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I've deleted Google Play Store. How can I reinstall it?

I've been having an issue with my apps where an error "Package file is invalid" keeps appearing. I read a tutorial somewhere which told me to "uninstall updates" for the Google Play Store application. ...
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Can I install additional languages on Android? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I add a new language? I bought my HTC Sensation abroad, and I can only choose system languages from the Asian region (English for different regions, as well as Chinese ...
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How do I "train" Face Unlock?

After updating my UK HTC Sensation to Android 4.0 I was keen to try out Face Unlock. I'm happy to say that it works reasonably well, however the setup process has led to me having a query. When ...
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How to debug a battery issue?

I have HTC Sensation 4G. I have a very peculiar issue with the battery. I've been using the phone for just over one year now. There are some periods (about 7 to 15 days) when battery performance is ...
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Repartitioning HTC Sensation 4GB internal memory for /data?

Is there a way to repartition the internal 4GB of my htc sensation? Currently, only 1GB is available for use (/data) The rest is being allocated to /system, /cache, etc.
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How to test suspected hardware on Android

I have a problem with my HTC Sensation that I think is either due to problems with the electronics that interfaces to the battery or a memory problem. Basically the phone turns off spontaneously by ...
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change icons on sensation lock screen

I've just got a HTC sensation and I've worked out how to change the icons on the home screens, but is there a way to change the icons on the lock screen?
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Updating HTC Sensation to Ice Cream Sandwich is stuck in a boot loop

I'm trying to update my unbranded HTC Sensation to an Ice Cream Sandwich stock ROM (from here). I've followed the various instructions where I install the ROM, then flash the phone with the HTC ...
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