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For questions truly specific to the "HTC Sensation" (aka "HTC Sensation 4G") device.

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How does the HTC Sensation know it's in a dock?

I like hacking stuff together and my next project I'd like to make my own dock for my HTC Sensation. It's a fairly simple project, but the bit I can't work out is how the Sensation knows it's in a ...
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Save accepted untrusted certificates on email app (HTC Sensation)

I have a problem with the mail (not gmail) app on my HTC Sensation, that I'm guessing is part of HTC Sense 3. I'm using a server that has an untrusted certificate, and every time I try to refresh my ...
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recovery of data on MMC protected internal memory device

I have a broken HTC Sensation with a forensics lab who are trying to recover the data from the phone's internal memory chip. The technician says he is unable to recover the data on the chip because ...
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System crash log in Android 4.3 ( cm 10.2 )

My rooted HTC Sensation with android 4.3 has started crashing recently. Is there any crash log where I could find out where is the problem? I'm using not-so-recent nightly version of cyanogen mod 10.2....
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HTC Sensation stuck in boot loop. Any possible fixes?

Recently my HTC Sensation got stuck in a boot loop. I've tried factory reset and recovery to no avail. Upon getting to the screen, I get the following: PYRAMID PVT SHIP S-ON RL HBOOT-1.27.0000 eMMC-...
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HTC sensation XL android 2.3.5 infinite download process of any app

Friend of mine gave me HTC sensation XL with android 2.3.5 and asked one question: why I can't install any app from market? I understand that device and adroid version are old enough for mid of 2016. ...
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HTC Sensation won't boot but vibrates regularly

Recently my nice old HTC Sensation broke. Only 1-2 few weeks later, when I had a new one already, I managed to resurrect it by just using a different back cover. Since I didn't find the particular ...
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Google Books errors on HTC Sensation on application launch

Google Books Android crashes on loading, and whenever I have auto-sync enabled (which is hence very disruptive) I always get the error twice: The application Books (process
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sd card keeps getting unmounted when htc sensation is being charged

i have an htc sensation and it keeps saying that the sd card has been removed when its still in the phone. it will also say that the sd card has unmounted when it is charging What is going on?
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