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How to make HTC Tattoo a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Can the HTC Tattoo act as a wifi hotspot, so that I am able to make my Tattoo an access point and share its internet connection with other wifi enabled devices? If so, how can I do this? I have ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to use a HTC Tattoo as a modem on a Mac?

I've tried to use HTC Tattoo as a modem on a Windows PC and it worked well, but on a Mac it doesn't work. Some trick or app that i should be aware? My HTC Tattoo uses the default 1.6 ROM with Sense. ...
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2 answers

Is there a shortcut to the taskmanager on HTC tattoo

I can never end a task easily on the HTC tattoo - is there a shortcut to it I can make, or an easier app to use?
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Prevent HTC Tattoo from losing its mobile broadband connection

My HTC Tattoo loses its mobile broadband connection after a couple of days without a restart. Calling and SMS still work but no data connections. Disabling and reenabling the mobile data connection ...
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