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HTC u11 didn't any reaction to press button ony to see the computer the com port and phone flash

I'm bought the HTC u11 is the dead OS. The other owner did something with the system. The phone is see the computer the com port and the phone flashing Red lights. I'm try to charging battery but didn'...
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Fastboot commands extremely slow

I'm trying to unlock my HTC U11 and I've tried to run fastboot both from the packages of my Ubuntu derivative (fastboot version 1:7.0.0+r33-2) and from the platform tools (fastboot version 28.0.1-...
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Dialed names are not shown (htc u11)

Contact name is stored in Google. But when I dial it, and finish the call, it shows only the number without name as if I don't have the name stored. And it only happens with my new stored numbers, and ...
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