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How to reduce power consumption? - Honor 7

so I have an honor 7, had it over 2 years now. It has seen better days, I need a new phone however don't have the money as of yet. The phone must always be connect to a charger, using a fast charging ...
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Honor 7 boot loop after changing display+frame

A few weeks ago, my friend's Honor 7 display cracked. So I ordered a new display+frame from "Ali" as I already have done a few times before. After transferring all the hardware to the new ...
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Android 7.0 call block feature

I have honor 8 lite with android 7.0 I block a number from default dialer app, It should be blocked now but instead when someone calls me from that number he hears 1 or 2 seconds of my phone ringing, ...
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Alarm clocks aren't working on Android 6

I recently moved to Android 6 and promptly slept in the next day as my alarm clock (Alarm Xtreme) wasn't waking me up. I search around a bit, disabled the energy setting stuff for that application ...
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4 answers

How to turn off voice dialler Huawei Honor 7

I looked over all settings and couldn't find any way to turn off automatic voice dialler. How do I do it? My phone calls people on its own.
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How to install Android 6.0 If the device is not listed yet? [duplicate]

I am interested in installing Android 6.0 on my device Huawei Honor 7 (PLK-L01). At this point in time, the device name is not listed in the Android website as a supported device. Would i still be ...
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No USB connection mode available; PC shows the error: "USB device not recognized"

My Huawei Honor 7 is unable to be detected by my computer. Whenever I plug it in, my computer shows the error : USB device not recognized. My phone automatically starts charging but there are no ...
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