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Chrome bookmarks desktop (embedded in Chrome)

I was wondering whether within Chrome it is possible to create a set of bookmarks via web site icons that get placed on a special, scroll-bar and screens enabled, bookmarks page. That way, WITHIN ...
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How to make an invisible (transparent/blank) app icon in Nova Launcher?

In Nova Launcher Prime 6.x, how does one make an app's icon invisible (completely transparent / blank)? I can try to find (or create) an icon pack that contains a blank icon (preferably on F-Droid), ...
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Can I customize a widget icon from an app I don't develop?

I installed an icon pack (Arcticons), and some widgets don't match the design of the icon pack. Let's take Shazam widget as an example. Can I: Create a custom widget icon for the existing Shazam ...
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Change .pdf-file-icon under Total Commander

I have recently installed the Dropbox app and it overwrote the standard pdf-file-icon my file manager was displaying. i don't like the dropbox-pdf-icon and would like to have the previous one back. ...
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What do the lines behind icons mean? How to remove?

On a LG G5, I see that the icons of apps are often shown with some added lined symbols behind it, which are not part of the icons design itself. There are squares, triangles, variants of mirrored ...
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Is it possible to use icon packs with the ASUS launcher?

I have a DigiLand tablet that I have downloaded and it runs the so-called "ASUS" launcher. I had downloaded many icon packs before my switch to this launcher. I am wondering, if it is possible to use ...
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How to remove the 'V' symbol from statusbar

I have an Android 6.0 running device as it has VoLTE support it shows this not so compliance icon with my theme. Is there any way to get rid of this icon means can I hide this ? Here is the ...
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Google Maps Navigation Icons

I'm trying to get hold of the icons used in the step-by-step view of Google Maps I've extracted the APK from my device and scoured through the drawables folders etc but cannot find them anywhere. ...
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Do I need to keep an icon pack installed after using the icon in Nova Launcher?

I installed an icon pack Used on icon from the pack as folder icon in Nova Launcher All other icons in 20MB pack are useless Do I need to keep the icon pack installed on my phone in order to keep ...
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