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How to view Facebook 360 degree photos using a simple non-electronic VR glass?

I would like to view Facebook 360 degree photos on an Android mobile using a simple non-electronic VR glass. Is it possible? Thank you for your time 🙏🏼 Edit: A "simple non-electronic VR glass&...
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ADB immersive mode and wm overscan commands no longer work on Android 11

I upgraded to Android 11 without knowing that it broke compatibility with existing immersive mode and window manger overscan adb commands. Are there new alternatives to these commands in adb now? I ...
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How to enable edge-to-edge display for any app in Android Pie?

I recently upgraded my OnePlus 6 from Android Oreo to Pie (OxygenOS 9.0.8; rooted). This release came up with a restriction that only the apps listed under Settings → Display → Apps to ...
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How to prevent apps from entering immersive mode in portrait mode?

Some games in portrait mode will enter immersive mode automatically, and my navigation bar and notification bar will be hidded, and it is really annoying for me. Is there a way to prevent that from ...
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Immersive mode in Termux?

How can I enable immersive/fullscreen mode in Termux? I want to hide the bars at the top and bottom of the screen so that the entire screen displays the terminal. In summary, I'm looking for either ...
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Why doesn't chrome load videos immersive

Here's what a video frame looks like on CM browser: Here's what a video frame looks like on Chrome: That upper black border is for the status bar(the status bar is not there, but that's its place). ...
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How to disable heads up notifications and immersive mode?

I recommended purchasing android smart phone (moto e 2015 with android 5.0.2) to a non-technical savy friend of mine and he did. Few UI aspects of android always annoy newcomers. One such is ...
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Detect foreground application when in immersive mode

There are several applications able to force the so called immersive ("full screen") mode. (Power Toggles being one of them) My problem is that, in that configuration, Tasker and similar ...
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Is there a way to block the Immersive Mode prompt "Swipe down from the top to exit full screen"?

When an app uses Immersive Mode, Android will often issue a large prompt (on a blue background) instructing the user to "Swipe down from the top to exit full screen". Is there a way to prevent ...
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