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Importing photos finds all image files, not just camera pictures

When trying to import photos from my Galaxy S2 in Windows, it tries to import all image files on the phone (including application data), not just those in DCIM. The system is Android 4.0.3. The ...
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Music players that can import M3U playlists? [closed]

OK, so it seems that (unbelievably) Winamp for Android is so extremely stupidly designed that it can't import M3U playlists. So, I want a player that can import M3U playlists. I'm running ...
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How can I bulk import texts (SMS) from a SIM card?

How can I bulk import texts (SMS) from a SIM card ? I'm using a Nexus S with Gingerbread. The 1by1 import feature (copying the sms to the phone) removes the original sender.
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Imported Hebrew vcf contacts come out gibberish

I just joined the Android community. I have been using a Nokia E72. I am a bilingual user (Hebrew/English). I have succeeded in importing my address book 838 contacts with the help of this blog http://...
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How to import Contacts from old Sony Ericsson C702 to Xperia X10?

How can I import contacts from non-android phone? Are there dedicated applications? What I want to avoid is doubling contacts when moving them from old phone to SIM card and then to new phone. Any ...
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Can I import contacts from vcf and NOT sync to Google?

I bought the Nexus S with Android 2.3 and am in the process of migrating my contacts from the Apple Address book. I was able to create and import a vcf file containing all the contacts into Android. ...
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What alternatives are there to the Contacts application for X10 running 2.1?

My X10 was running 1.6 when I bought it (I think). I successfully imported the vCard file with all my contacts from my Palm Centro. Then I exported my contacts to a vCard file, upgraded to 2.1-...
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How do I transfer my phone numbers to an Android phone?

I just bought a new Android Phone (HTC Hero), but I need to import my Outlook contacts with all their phone numbers. Any directions as to how to do this?
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