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For questions about or relating to problems with the international prefix on phone numbers. Such as where the country code (eg +1 or +44) are not appearing or not being recognized.

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Is it possible to force a country code on messages which automatically sent via apps?

I am trying to use an application which requires me to send a message to its service from my phone number. The service is in a different country than where I am so the messages are being sent to the ...
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International area codes suddenly appearing in front of my contacts in "Messages" app

The other day I noticed that the international area prefix "+54 9" had started appearing in front of about half of my contacts in Android's native Messenger app. I can still send and receive ...
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Is it possible to modify the Caller ID shown on my phone?

I live in South Korea and receive a lot of calls from overseas. One thing that bothers me is that because of the local regulations, international caller IDs always contain an international prefix as ...
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Force country code on known numbers to send an SMS

I've been looking on the internet for an answer, to no avail. I have a phone mostly used in France, I recently brought to the US with a US sim card. Unfortunately, most contacts were added with the ...
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How do I change the phone number for incoming calls to international format on the mobile

My contacts have their phone number in the international format. It needs to be this way, otheriwse I can't call them from another country. As an example +64 21 1234567 But the incoming calls have ...
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Convert + to 00 for international calling

I am currently overseas, using a foreign SIM card in my phone. Since I travel often, all of my contacts are stored in international format (e.g. +12125551212 or +4474567899). However, my foreign ...
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How can I use a custom prefix for international calls?

In my country, we have to use a prefix before dialing an international number, depending on which provider we use. For example, I use an international calling company for which I have to dial 019 ...
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Android added a plus sign before the number, making an undesired international call

I cannot repeat this bug, but I can see it in my call log. Last Monday I called a friend with a number beginning with 328 (Wind provider, Italy). According to the log, I called a number starting with +...
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Can I make my phone recognize numbers in both international and local forms as equal?

In an earlier question, I asked how to handle international phone book entries while traveling internationally. The simple answer was simply to store phone numbers in their international form, which ...
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Contacts with and without international extensions

I'm in the UK. My Nexus S received its update to 4.0.4 yesterday, and I now have the following problem. If I have a contact with (say) the number 07123456789 and I receive a text from this contact, ...
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Any way to dial international calling codes automatically based on my location?

I do a fair amount of international traveling (currently mostly between the U.S. and Mexico, but will be visiting Europe, Africa, and South America soon, too), and am looking for a dialing app that ...
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Changing contact to canonical form (adding + country_code)

I am using Samsung Galaxy S2. Is there any automated way or app to change all my contacts with appropriate country code into canonical form. I just found that lot of my contact are there without the ...
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Caller ID for SMS doesn't recognize contacts unless I add the country code to all

If I have a contact with the number 099123456, the caller ID doesn't recognize it, I need to change it to +59899123456. My phone is a Galaxy S2. I have friends with other android phones (Galaxy S1, ...
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