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Use this tag for questions about radio streaming (web radio, net radio, streaming radio, e-radio webcasting) on Internet from radio stations and broadcasters around the world (not necessarily music streaming).

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How do you download an internet radio stream given by URL?

I tried by downloading using Chrome when I see a link in a Web page, but I don't see the file anywhere and if I choose cancel, it apparently removes any recording.
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Mute all but one app

So I have this national radio news app. Now I should like to use different apps while listening. This doesn't work. As soon as I open a different app, the news app gets muted, even when all sounds ...
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How can I hear on Android?

If I start in chrome or Firefox on my nexus, I can't hear the music. How can I make this work?
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How do I open .pls files?

I downloaded a .pls file for an online radio, but I can't open it. Winamp, VLC player all fail when opening, and A Online Radio which according to the description can open this type doesn't show up in ...
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iplayer app for BBC radio programs on 2.3.5? [closed]

Are there any iplayer-like apps to listen to recorded BBC radio programs on 2.3.5?
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Streaming radio in Android

I like a couple of Internet radios that I'm currently able to listen to using CorePlayer under Windows Mobile, VLC and WMP on PC. I own the .m3u files for both and, but ...
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How to listen to Microsoft Media Stream (mms) on Android?

There are many radio stations which stream in mms:// like a Chuvash radio: mms:// Is it possible to listen to in on Android?
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Any way to listen again to BBC radio?

I would love to listen again to BBC radio in the UK. There was an app called beebplayer for watching BBC TV as catch up, and for live radio, but not for radio listen again, although it has now been ...
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